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This page is to keep you posted on it's progress. And, there has been progress! But here's an interesting bit of news for you. One Friday, I rode the train from Stroudsburg, PA to Hoboken, NJ and took the subway into Manhattan. Stayed at The Plaza and had a great dinner down in the Village. Had fun in the city on Saturday and came home that evening by train. I caught the 'Owl' which left Hoboken at midnight. Anyone care to guess how long ago that was?

January 1, 2008 -
This is a work in progress. Timetables for completion continue to be moved several years ahead. At the outset, a rail authority was created for the purpose of providing rail commuter service from the Poconos to Hoboken. Railway lands once sold were re-purchased to provide a continuous rail path. Recently the concept was expanded to provide rail access to Hoboken from Scranton and a new, larger authority, the New Jersey-Pennsylvania Lackawanna Cut-Off Passenger Rail Authority, now appears in control of the project. The project has received support and substantial funding from the Federal government. But, more money is needed. The railway bridge over the Delaware River needs repair for one. The authority projects a completion date in 2013, but that is contingent upon timely receipt of a favorable environmental assessment (in progress now) and additional federal funds.

Because of missed earlier projected completion dates, there are many who have lost confidence that it will ever become a reality. However, others point to the continuous growth of new residents in the Pocono region and the expected doubling of commuters to NYC and northern NJ within ten years, and say it is the only solution as Interstate 80 is approaching maximum capacity.

January 18, 2007 -
Transit officials discuss plan to restore rail service to NYC

May 2, 2006 -
Officials: $350M rail plan nearly set

For the latest information on rail passenger service in the Poconos, check the archives of "The Pocono Record" at www.poconorecord.com