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Although Pennsylvania law requires a Seller-Occupant of a residential property to provide a prosective Buyer with a "Seller's Property Disclosure Statement", the wise Buyer will hire an independent building inspector to look for any defects not disclosed. Inspection services are offered "ala carte" as well as in "packages" as not all properties require all the services in a "package".

As a matter of policy, I do not "recommend" any particular inspection service. However, in making your selection, you want to be assured the inspections will not only be completed promptly, but that you will have all the reports in hand so you can give timely notice of any defects to the Seller by the notice deadline required under the Agreement of Sale. Do not wait until the last minute to arrange for an inspection. Radon and water test results can take several days to receive after delivery to the lab.

Often inspectors will not enter crawl space foundations where headroom is minimal. So, if the home you are purchasing has a crawl space, find an inspection service willing to make the extra effort so you will know the condition of the floor structure and whether or not any mold of any type is present. Correcting for a damaged floor structure and/or mold is expensive. Make certain the Seller's current problem does not become your expense.

Finally, make certain the inspection service meets the standards for certification under Pennsylvania law. Ask for verification.

 Here are some Home Inspection Services...
Integrity Inspection Service 
289 Town Center Blvd. #204
Easton, PA 18040
866-330-6801 (Toll Free)
610-628-4724 (Fax)
Web Site Link
Amerispec Home Inspection Service 
151 Indian Drive
Greentown, PA 18426
Web Site Link